Terra Cobre

Creation and interpretation: João Pais Filipe and Marco da Silva Ferreira
Sound: João Monteiro
Technical supervision: João Monteiro
Executive producer: Ana Ademar, Hugo Alves Caroça, Mafalda Bastos
Commission and production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts 
Co-production: Futurama, P-ulso
Artist residency: O Espaço do Tempo
Support: Fábrica de Chocalhos Pardalinho, Viana do Alentejo City Council

Diffusion: Art Happens and BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts 

Terra Cobre is a new creation commissioned by BoCA to João Pais Filipe, musician and sculptor, and Marco da Silva Ferreira, choreographer and dancer. Originating from the village of Alcáçovas, Alentejo, this work intersects traditional chocalho art with contemporary artistic practices, rooted in percussion and dance. The chocalhos were declared an Urgent Safeguarding Need by UNESCO in 2015, and in "Terra Cobre," the artists challenge traditional Portuguese iconography and symbolism to place it on an exploratory and sensory level.

The piece consists of a sculptural and sonorous installation, visitable in a designated space, and a 50-minute performance, taking place at the opening or closing period of the exhibition. The installation serves as a backdrop for the performance, contributing to the theatrical atmosphere and narrative.

In Terra Cobre, Pais Filipe and da Silva Ferreira explore concepts of identity, culture, and society, reinterpreting ancestral cultural heritages and challenging established conventions. They use chocalho materials to create a sculptural, sonorous, and physical composition, depicting a landscape filled with memories, where shepherds and beasts converge.